Born in Mexico City, Marilu has been spicing up the professional dance scene for over a decade. Since passionately completing a degree in Contemporary Dance from the National School of Arts in Mexico City, she has worked with famed Mexican Choreographers all across her beautiful native country. You name it… hip hop, jazz and all kinds of Latin dance, Marilu has performed for many famous Latin American Artists on the most well-known stages and T.V shows around.

Marilu soon found herself dancing north, all the way to Vancouver. Since 2012, she has been co-creating and sharing her love of movement with local contemporary dance choreographers, as well as teaching various styles of dance classes. Last year, she competed in the World Latin dance Cup winning bronze in a pro-am division and in the Top 10 as a salsa Soloist. 

Recently she has been focused on diving into professional opportunities to create, choreograph, and grow as a dance and Fitness Coach . With boundless enthusiasm and positive energy, she is known for combining jazz, contemporary and salsa to create her own unique and authentic style into her new dance company LFS DANCE.


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